It’s time to recognize the discomfort and change the questions.

Here you will find all the learning opportunities and experiences you can have with me.

I'll be waiting for you,


You don’t have to be alone.

PhotoMentoring is a mentoring program focused on the photographer's development process.

We will identify which factors should be worked on so you can grow, have more confidence and achieve your goals in photography.

5 meetings x 1h30


A quick and direct eye opener.

One of the most important things in my development as a photographer was having my work analysed by experient professionals who knew how to say exactly what I needed to hear at that moment.

These critiques help us identify our weaknesses and our strengths. Together, during an online meeting, we can either analyse your portfolio, or a full body of work, do a re-edit, or help you with some post-processing doubts. It's your choice.



This is not just another photography workshop.

"I know I need and want to develop my photography, but I don't know how or what exactly I should do". I've had this feeling several times. But where could I find this answer, this light?

This workshop is actually a 2-day experience for those who wish to give their photography a big shake and start to rethink the relationship we have with it.

8-15 students

16 hours

starting on R$800

That’s right. A whole day. Me and you.

For a whole day, we will talk openly about your main concerns and issues in photography. We will talk a lot! Depending on which your concerns are, we can do a shooting experience with analysis and critiques afterwards. An individual, confidential and fully customised workshop/mentoring/consultation.

A day that can last for many others.

8 hours
(dividided in 1 or 2 days)